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An Adaptation of Schiller's play by Jason Leowith

Olney Theater Center, 2019

Direction and Co-Scenic Design: Jason Leowith

Lighting Design: Colin K. Bills

Costume Design: Ivania Stack

Composer and Sound Design: Matthew M. Nielson

Photo Credit: Teresa Castracane and Richard Ouellette

"The scenic design by Loewith and Richard Ouellette is mainly a shiny floor, a shadowy chamber that gets a sinister air from Colin K. Bills’s lights. It’s a terrific atmosphere in which to act, and the acting is what carries this show."

-The Washington Post

"The basic set is ingenious. Designed by Loewith with Richard Ouellette, it consists of a rotating plexiglass platform, allowing the actors to be seen and heard from every corner of the 150-seat house. Directly above the platform, perfectly mirroring it, is a roof of lights on pulleys, used to dazzling effect by designer Colin K. Bills".

-DC Metro Arts

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